Alphabetical Order Sorter

Paste your text below and click Sort Alphabetically.

Alphabetical Order Tool

Organize your text in alphabetical order with our user-friendly tool. Simply paste your content, and watch as it's transformed into a neatly sorted list. Perfect for structuring data, enhancing readability, and keeping your projects tidy. Once your text is alphabetized, copy or download the results to streamline your workflow.

Potential Uses for Alphabetical Sorting:

  • Make lists and content more readable and user-friendly.
  • Organize names, items, or any list into a structured format.
  • Prepare and analyze data by sorting information alphabetically.
  • Streamline editing and writing by organizing notes and references.
  • Arrange CSS properties alphabetically for cleaner and more maintainable stylesheets.

If you need to sort lines, lists, or text alphabetically, this tool can help make the process quicker and easier.

Paste from Clipboard Button

Easily paste text into the textarea from your clipboard for immediate sorting. This feature is perfect for quickly importing lists from other sources.

Copy to Clipboard

After sorting, use this button to copy the alphabetically ordered text directly to your clipboard for easy use elsewhere.

Download Text

Download your sorted text as a text file, allowing for convenient saving and sharing. The downloaded file is named clearly for easy identification and access.


Clears all text from the textarea, providing a fresh start for new sorting tasks.