Remove Duplicate Lines

Paste your text below and click Remove Duplicate Lines.

Remove Duplicate Lines Tool

Clean your text by removing duplicate lines with our user-friendly tool. Simply paste your content and watch as it's transformed into a unique set of lines. Perfect for data cleansing, list optimization, and efficiency improvement. Once duplicates are removed, copy or download the results to streamline your workflow.

Potential Uses for Removing Duplicate Lines:

  • Clean and optimize data by removing redundant information.
  • Ensure unique entries in lists, such as email lists or inventory.
  • Improve readability and conciseness of text by eliminating repetition.
  • Prepare data for analysis or processing by removing duplicate records.
  • Optimize code by removing duplicate CSS rules or repeated lines.

If you need to remove duplicate lines from text or data, this tool can help make the process quicker and more efficient.

Paste from Clipboard Button

Easily paste text into the textarea from your clipboard for immediate duplicate removal. This feature is perfect for quickly importing data from other sources.

Copy to Clipboard

After removing duplicates, use this button to copy the cleaned text directly to your clipboard for easy use elsewhere.

Download Text

Download your deduplicated text as a text file, allowing for convenient saving and sharing. The downloaded file is named clearly for easy identification and access.


Clears all text from the textarea, providing a fresh start for new deduplication tasks.