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Title Case

Converts text to title case by capitalizing the first letter of each major word while converting the remaining letters to lowercase. Minor words, such as articles (a, an, the), coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, for, nor), and short prepositions (at, by, in, of, off, on, per, to, up, via) are not capitalized unless they appear as the first or last word of the title.

If a word contains an abbreviation or acronym, all the letters in the abbreviation or acronym are capitalized (e.g., "Meet the CEO"). The tool follows a general approach to title case conversion, but please note that there can be some variation in capitalization rules depending on the specific style guide being followed, particularly for hyphenated compound words.

Sentence Case

Converts the text to sentence case, capitalizing only the first letter of the first word in each paragraph.


Transforms the text to all uppercase letters, making every character capitalized.


Converts the text to all lowercase letters, making every character in the text lowercase.

First Letter Uppercase

Capitalizes only the first letter of the entire text while converting the rest of the letters to lowercase.

Alternating Case

Transforms the text to alternating case, with alternating uppercase and lowercase characters, starting with an uppercase character.

Paste from Clipboard Button

A quick and intuitive method for importing your text into the text editor. Clicking on this button instantly reads the current content of your clipboard and places it into the textarea. This feature is particularly useful for handling large blocks of text or when you're swiftly transitioning between applications. Please note that the button's functionality is reliant on your browser's permissions, and it may ask for your consent to access the clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard

Copies the entire text present in the text field to your system's clipboard. It allows you to easily paste the transformed text into any other application or file. Useful when you need to transfer the processed text without manually selecting and copying it. Please note that any previous content on your clipboard will be replaced.

Download Text

When you've finished editing and wish to save your work, clicking this button will trigger the download of a text file containing the content currently in the textarea. The downloaded file will automatically be named using a format that includes the first few words of the text, the last action performed on the text, and a timestamp, making it simple to identify and organize your files. Whether you're crafting an important document or simply playing around with various case styles, the "Download Text" button provides an easy way to keep a local copy of your work.


Clears the text field, removing any content that was previously entered.